IAB Mobile Best Practices Handbook

Posted by Christian Manie On December 12, 2019 Research & Resources

Mobile offers so many opportunities for brands to talk to an engaged and receptive audience with a personal message.

The IAB Mobile Advertising Council has produced this playbook to offer a marketer, or anyone who wishes to get a better understanding of how to best utilise the technology, an insight into some of the inner workings of mobile advertising and its many moving parts.The IAB Mobile Council exists to empower, educate and advise advertisers how to get the best out of mobile.

The handbook covers:

  • The mobile consumer story
  • Improving consumer experience              
  • The mobile advertising landscape
  • Creative best practice
  • Brand safety and verification
  • Measuring mobile effectiveness
  • Mobile and brand impact
  • Key future trends

IAB Members can download the handbook below.


Christian Manie