IAB NZ Case Study: Method Studio’s & The Retail Institute

Posted by IAB Australia On June 15, 2011 Research & Resources

The Retail Institute are New Zealand’s industry training organisation for people working in retail and distribution. The Institute set standards, and develop qualifications and training material for employers and employees.

To help engage prospective retail employees and to support the Institute’s qualifications, the Institute approached Method about creating an interactive multimedia piece for the Customer Service Qualification (CSQ).

16–25 year olds

Lift qualifications training with an inspiring and interactive edugame

Looking through the CSQ workbook we discovered that the bulk of the theory was based around a retailer’s actions while in store and with customers. Instead of taking the workbook literally and creating mini games or quizzes out of the theory, we decided to create a simulation game based on managing a busy retail store.

The idea being that through approximately 30 minutes of gameplay a student could get a feel for what it takes to provide good customer service. They would be thrown challenges throughout the game week that they could potentially face in the retail environment – ultimately learning while playing.

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