IAB NZ: Digital Natives Report

Posted by IAB Australia On October 11, 2011 Research & Resources

Roy Morgan’s research covers the online activities of the “digital native.”

Rapid penetration of the internet, especially broadband, has resulted in increased usage and strong growth of all types of websites over the last ten years. Website traffic is largely driven by Generation Y – born between 1976 – 1990, now aged between 21 – 36, the heaviest internet users.

In the 12 months to September 2011, 86% of Gen Y’s visited a Portal in an average 4 week period. Search sites were almost as popular, visited by 85% of Gen Ys, followed by Online Communities and Messaging sites (81%), Email sites (78%) and Banking sites (63%).

Digital Natives are:

  • People who have grown up in the digital world using technology as a way to communicate, record, educate, and understand society
  • Have had access to computers, cell phones, email, and other forms of technology since birth
  • Speak the language of technology and are as comfortable with technology as past generations have been with pen and paper.


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