IAB UK: Get to grips with the latest Display Trading developments

Posted by IAB Australia On November 14, 2012 Research & Resources

With so much talk about paid content in the past couple of years, it’s easy to forget display advertising still makes up the vast proportion of publishers’ digital revenues.

While the online ad space can sometimes seem overly technical and complex (and packed with three letter acronyms), it’s worth remembering a few home truths as you begin to define your objectives:

  • Advertisers are shifting spend to digital channels – a big factor in this is the growth of real time bidding (RTB) as a trading mechanic, which offers greater efficiency and accountability than ‘traditional’ channels
  • Google and Facebook dominate the space, offering single digital buying points with mass market reach
  • BUT publishers are in a unique position to offer their clients the creativity and one-to-one business relationships their larger competitors lack

IAB Australia

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