IAB UK: The Big Mobile Handbook 2012

Posted by IAB Australia On November 15, 2012 Research & Resources

Mobile has unquestionably come a long way in the last few years, establishing itself as a medium that can no longer be ignored. It is also a medium that has been ‘interrupted’ by some game changing technology that has changed the way we live.

Most of us in the UK currently own a smartphone (59%), but it’s easy to forget how different the world looked in 2007. Back then the Nokia 1200 was the world’s bestselling handset with shipments of 150m – but things changed very quickly during the ad break for the 79th Academy Awards of that year. Apple’s “Hello” ad gave viewers the first taste of the phone that Apple went on to launch in June 2007. By 2008, the iPhone 3G became the world’s bestselling phone, and the consumer appetite for smartphone technology has not slowed since.

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