Is it okay to be left handed?

Posted by IAB Australia On November 14, 2012 Research & Resources


October – November 2012 second runner up: Is it okay to be left handed?
Client: beyondblue
Creative Agency: Marmalade Melbourne
Media Agency: MediaCom
Industry: Not for Profit

Campaign Information
Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) populations experience higher rates of depression and anxiety disorders than the general population. beyondblue wanted to reach their toughest audience yet, young males aged 14-17 and get them to understand that their behaviour is affecting GLBTI people, without alienating them.

Marmalade Melbourne created the “Left handed” boy, a two-minute film that follows the plight of a teenaged boy who is being ostracised for simply being left-handed. By giving the target demographic of young males permission to feel some sympathy toward a “Left handed” boy, they were given the tools to show their support without losing face. This led to a highly effective social media campaign.

The target of young males embraced the campaign actively sharing on Facebook, Twitter and forums with over 8,000 comments, 50,000 likes and over 450,000 views.



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