Kit Kat Chunky Cookies & Cream Launch | 2009 IAB Awards Winner

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2009 IAB Awards | Digital Video Winner

Kit Kat Chunky Cookies & Cream Launch
Agency: ZenithOptimedia, RMG Connect and JWT
Client: Nestlé

The launch of Kit Kat Chunky Cookies and Cream was the first all-digital campaign run by a Nestlé brand. The campaign centred around a new sport – “Chunga” and teenage boys were encouraged to ‘Break the Boredom’ using Kit Kat Chunky. A five-part mockumentary called ‘Chunga-Struck’ became the centrepiece of the campaign, providing a back story to this curious sport. The films recruited consumers for The Chunga Championship – a web based game where consumers could challenge and compete against their friends, other players in real-time and Hans Fagerlund – the games’ greatest player (created by the brand) who was given his own presence on social media and gaming sites such as MySpace.

Nestlé’s foray into an all digital campaign proved a great success and judges were high in their praise. The campaign results were impressive with 58% of all Aussie teen boys online engaged with Hans; a total of 44,000 Chunga game plays and an average playing time of seven minutes.


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