Live Video Streaming: Australia and the World – June 2018

Posted by Steven Poyser On June 27, 2018 Research & Resources

This report is a localised version of the “Live Video Streaming – A Global Perspective” report conducted by the U.S. IAB in conjunction with On Device Research. 21 countries participated in the research and 4200 ‘live video streamers’ were recruited, 200 in each country.

The research profiles consumers who live stream digital video, looking at different device and content consumption trends across different markets. Main focus areas include:

  • How popular is live video streaming?
  • Which devices are used and how frequently?
  • Sources of live streamed video
  • Types of video content live streamed
  • Subscriptions and advertising
  • When and where is live video content streamed?
  • What motivates live streaming?

IAB members can download the report below. The ‘Streaming the FIFA World Cup’ infographic is available as a free download.


Steven Poyser