Mobile Location Data Handbook – April 2017

Posted by Steven Poyser On April 03, 2017 Research & Resources

The proliferation of smartphone usage and people are becoming increasingly comfortable sharing location data with the various apps they use, which has allowed advertisers access very valuable actionable insights into where consumers have historically been and also personalise ads in real-time based upon current location.

This handbook has been written by some of our subject-matter-expert members to act as both an introduction and a supportive practical guide to start considering and utilising mobile location data. 

Included in the book:

  • What is mobile location?
  • Role of mobile location
  • Planning location-based campaigns
  • Location beyond marketing
  • 12 questions every buyer should ask about location data
  • Reporting and insights
  • Location case study

The Location Infographic is available to the public below. 

IAB Members can download the Handbook below.

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Steven Poyser