Lynx Instinct | 2009 IAB Awards Winner

Posted by IAB Australia On July 09, 2009 Research & Resources


2009 IAB Awards | Product Launch and Super-Rich Media Winner

Lynx Instinct
Agency: Soap Creative
Client: Lynx

Considered to have the highest level of media transience, Lynx’s target audience of young males online are both nowhere for long and everywhere at once. So Soap Creative developed a massive multiplayer game – Primal Instinct – as the centrepiece of its campaign to launch Lynx’s latest body spray. A series of high impact, interactive rich banners were used to drive engagement and promote Lynx Instinct. Some of the most popular components included a “Paper, Scissors, Rock” rich banner with a friendly cave babe, while a Gamespot takeover, MySpace synchronised Banners, Unique Game Codes and Rich Rollovers all combined for maximum effect and results. Young men were then invited to step into the shoes of a caveman and enter the primal mating game with a noble mission to rescue as many cave babes as possible from an impending Ice Age and take them back to the safety of their cave. The game was taken to the audience by allowing it to be played natively on MySpace and a campaign profile was developed, allowing fans to post comments and receive content such as wallpapers, icons and an iPhone application.

At the time of entry which was just past the campaign’s halfway mark, Soap Creative had already doubled KPI’s for the online campaign with 70, 483 unique game visits.


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