Making Tracks | 2011 IAB Awards Winner

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2011 IAB Awards | Social Media Marketing Winner

Making Tracks
Agency: DDB Sydney
Client: Tourism Australia

Sydney Opera House’s YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2 (YTSO2) brought together classical musicians from across the world via online auditions for a week long musical festival. The objectives were to maximize the attention of the festival, showcase Australia to the world and inspire both Australians and international visitors to explore the country.

Four YouTube Symphony Orchestra musicians and four contemporary Australian artists were asked to create a musical track influenced by Australia. Travelling in pairs, their journeys took them to the most stunning parts of the country. Unique locations and magical landscapes provided an inspiring backdrop for the musicians to collaborate and compose.

The final output, known as Making Tracks, was the creation of four short films and one compilation film. Each episode was broadcast through YouTube in the lead up to the final performance and at the time of entry, had received over 2.7 million views with a significant increase in subscription to the Australia YouTube channel. It achieved the YouTube Honours of Australia #1 – Most Viewed. The YouTube Symphony Orchestra final concert also became the most watched live music concert on YouTube: it had been viewed by 33 million globally with 11.1 million streams during the performance, beating U2 at 10 million.

Judges’ Comments
“This campaign is challenging the industry to start innovating. A creative concept and great use of social platforms. It connected perfectly with the audience.”


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