Marketing Measurement Innovation Series

On March 14, 2024 Research & Resources

Over the last few years marketers, agencies, media owners and vendors have been learning how to meet consumers greater expectations for data privacy and adjust their advertising measurement toolkits in response to greater restrictions on device IDs and third-party cookies. The IAB Advertising Effectiveness Council will release a series of whitepapers over 2023 that will outline the innovations occurring across the industry to protect the insights that businesses need to grow, along with best practices for assessing the impact of digital advertising into the future.

Module 5: Ad Effectiveness through Continuous Experiments

This fifth module of the innovation series, ‘Ad Effectiveness through Continuous Experiments’, outlines how controlled experiments represent the most effective way to validate existing marketing activities and assess incrementality by allowing marketers to adopt best-practice scientific methods which add confidence and precision to investment decisions.

Download the paper below.

Module 4: Evolution in Market Mix Modelling

This fourth module of the innovation series, ‘Evolution in Market Mix Modelling’, outlines what is driving the increased usage of Market Mix Modelling, how the technique is evolving with advances in computing power and machine learning, along with perspectives from across the industry on extracting value and considerations for undertaking MMM.

Download the paper below.

You may also be interested in IAB Australia’s Foundations of Market Mix Modelling online training course, that has been designed to introduce the Market Mix Modelling methodology and provide a foundational understanding of how it works and when you should use it. 

Course outline and enrolment here.  

Module 3: Advances in AI and machine learning powering marketing measurement

The third module in the innovation series, ‘Advances in AI and Machine Learning Powering Marketing Measurement’, outlines how these technologies and tools are currently used and how they may evolve into the future to support greater efficiencies and effectiveness of digital advertising along with faster and more granular measurement insights.

Download the paper below.

Module 2: First-Party Data Unlocking Measurement Capabilities

The second module in the innovation series, ‘First-party Data Unlocking Measurement Capabilities’, is focused on how the use of marketers own first-party data and partnerships are becoming increasingly important in people-based planning and measurement. The IAB Ad Effectiveness Council has provided perspectives and case studies demonstrating the challenges and benefits for brands using first-party data for measurement purposes and the opportunities in collaboration to join first-party sources and gain valuable visibility in measuring the impact of digital advertising.

Download the paper below.

Module 1: Mapping the future of marketing measurement

The first module of the Marketing Measurement Innovation Series, ‘Mapping the Future of Marketing Measurement’, provides an overview of the proposed reforms to Australian privacy legislation along with a recap on the technology changes impacting ad effectiveness measurement. The paper also provides perspectives from across the industry on how ad measurement toolkits are evolving to allow for successful ad assessment into the future.

Download the paper below.

Modules: Coming soon!

Look out for these subsequent modules in the ‘Marketing Measurement Innovation Series’ coming soon:

  • Developments in ad attention measurement