MediaPost: Ads on Tablets More Effective Than E-Readers

Posted by IAB Australia On August 08, 2011 Research & Resources

By Erik Sass, Aug 8, 2011

While casual observers often lump tablet-style computers and e-readers together because of their evident similarities, tablets would appear to be a more effective ad platform for magazine brands, according to a new study by GfK MRI’s Starch Advertising Research.

But the survey of an estimated 7,000 users of magazine apps, conducted from May-July of this year, may be too early to reflect real, long-term trends.

Overall, 55% of consumers who read magazines on tablet devices said they “noted” a magazine ad displayed on their devices. By comparison, the proportion among consumers with e-readers was just 41%. Interestingly, the two figures straddle the proportion who “noted” hard copy magazine ads in 2010 (53%).

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