MediaPost: In Video Ad Effectiveness, Targeting Trumps Length, by Gavin O’Malley

Posted by IAB Australia On November 29, 2010 Research & Resources

By Gavin O’Malley, Nov 29, 2010

When it comes to video ad campaigns, targeting has a far greater impact on ad performance than ad length, according to a new study from video ad tech firm TidalTV. According to a recent online study, TidalTV found that 30-second ads can far “outperform” 15-second ads, without negatively impacting consumers’ experience.

Contradicting previous research, the study also found that advertisers can achieve what TidalTV calls “30-second creative performance” with 15-second video creative.

The study confirmed that 30-second video ads surpassed 15-second video ads in click-through rates by 11%, but this improvement comes at the cost of consumer satisfaction, as evidenced by a 10% drop in video completion rates.

While it is well documented that 15-second video ads have higher completion rates, the new study revealed that 15-second ads drastically improved in performance when they were targeted to the desired demographic audience.

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