Member Q&A Series: OM SDK for CTV: A local industry perspective

On December 08, 2022 Research & Resources

Matthew Wheeler, Ad Product & Strategy Director, NewsCorp Australia

Q. A growing number of prominent Australian based Publishers have now embraced Open Measurement standards. Are you seeing awareness, demand or interest from your clients for this more transparent and collaborative approach to measuring premium supply?

We're at a pivotal time in our industry, and it's more important than ever for publishers to support reporting on the media/measurement metrics that marketers are expecting. We continue to see marketers leverage different reporting capabilities across a range of vendors.

As a premium news publisher, it is our prerogative to ensure that these reporting requirements are seamlessly facilitated. The development of tools such as the IAB's OM SDK enables publishers such as News Corp AU the ability to easily facilitate these reporting requirements across our web video.

Q. Is it still a common issue to see different data from different vendors across the same supply?

Generally speaking, while there will always be a variance between vendors due to the differences in how each has built their stack (even when following a standard), we are seeing that variance decrease with the standardisation of data/metrics across different vendors for the same supply.

Going back a number of years, the IAB helped establish the gold standard on data/metric definitions to ensure ease of transaction from marketers pulling this information from different vendors.

While News has for many years worked closely with our great partners at Integral Ad Science to leverage their reporting capabilities across a number of measurement use cases, we are technology agnostic when it comes to the ad tech stack that a client has chosen to use.


Q. How important is it to see this evolution of Open Measurement across both web video and CTV inventory?

James Young, MD AU, Magnite

The OM SDK is an important step to standardising measurement across mediums. The functionality will bring more hygiene metrics to CTV devices which are important to assure buyers that their investment is going to what they are expecting to buy.

Australia is beginning to see a rise in many FAST services with varied offerings, and by standardising some of these measurements now, it will contribute to maintaining a cleaner ecosystem. Having these metrics across both CTV and web also means an easier environment to trade across devices.

Colin Lam, Strategic Partner Development Director, APAC, Index Exchange

The Open Measurement SDK is important because the industry lacked standardisation, each viewability vendor required its own SDK that would work with their proprietary JavaScript tags. So fragmentation quickly became an issue for both media buyers, who had their preferred viewability vendors, and media owners, who didn’t want to integrate and maintain multiple viewability SDKs.

The expansion of the OM SDK brings consistency and transparency to the industry and helps to streamline the transition of ad dollars from linear TV to CTV.

Adhering to industry standards with a single-source SDK makes it easy for buyers, media owners, and app developers to use the same counting methodology and reduces discrepancies in impression counts across environments.


For more information please visit our OM SDK for CTV Explainer by Jonas Jaanimagi, Technology Lead, IAB Australia.