Mobile Advertising and Location Data

Posted by Christian Manie On September 02, 2018 Research & Resources

Smartphone usage continues to grow and people are increasingly comfortable sharing location data with the various apps they use, which has allowed advertisers access very valuable actionable insights into where consumers have historically been and also personalise ads in real-time based upon current location.

We interviewed members of the IAB Australia Mobile Advertising Council in this three-part short video series to demystify some of the more confusing aspects of location-based advertising and to help educate marketers, agencies and advertisers as to the best uses of the data and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

For more information, download the IAB Mobile Location Data Handbook and Infographic below.


Location Advertising: An Introduction

Watch the video on YouTube here.


What is Real-time Geo-targeting?

Watch the video on YouTube here.


Historical Targeting and its Uses

Watch the video on YouTube here.


Christian Manie