Mobile Commerce: Australia and the World

Posted by Christian Manie On September 27, 2016 Research & Resources

With the ubiquity of mobile devices and mobile Internet around the globe, purchasing products and services on mobile devices has become increasingly common.

Download the Australian Market Infographic below. Click here for the Global Inforgraphic.

This research in support of the IAB Global Research Initiative aims to explore and understand the similarities and differences in consumer purchase and payment activities that take place on mobile devices across 19 countries that participated in the study.

This research will support the IAB’s continued thought leadership efforts around global mobile trends. It will also provide participating organizations exciting and insightful perspectives of their own mobile consumers, enable them to share insights with their members, providing a tangible benefit from membership.

Top 6 Global Mobile Commerce Takeaways

1) Mobile commerce is a global phenomenon and is becoming habitual for mobile purchasers.
2) Mobile commerce is primarily driven by convenience and value. Overall consumer satisfaction and future purchase momentum are high!
3) The key concerns about security, privacy, and purchase experience need to be addressed to facilitate the continued growth of mobile commerce.
4) Mobile commerce is part of a multichannel purchase experience. From ‘showrooming’ to ‘webrooming’, mobile devices serve not only as a direct purchase channel, but also aid consumers’ purchase journeyacross other channels, online and offline.
5) Mobile ads and social media play an important role in mobile commerce to trigger purchase interest, aid product discovery, and cultivate word of mouth.
6) Mobile wallet adoption is currently modest in the overall payment mix; however it exhibits potential to foster further growth of mobile commerce.

Download the report below.

MCOMM Infographic OCT 2016 SMALL

Download the Infographic below.

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