Netmining: Mapping the Display Landscape Guide

Posted by IAB Australia On July 28, 2011 Research & Resources

In the midst of the rapidly developing display ecosystem, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the new technologies, acronyms and players in our industry. There are a lot of mechanics involved in managing a media plan in today’s digitally driven marketplace and the industry is regularly challenged to keep up with these changes and developments as they emerge.

Staying informed is essential for online marketers given display’s growing importance. At the most recent IAB “Future of Display” conference, Neal Mohan, VP of Product Management at Google, declared that spending will rise from 25 billion in 2010 to $200 billion “in a few short years.” We have written this Display Guide to help you navigate this fragmented and changing world we work in, and hope it serves as a valuable resource when approaching your display initiatives. Included in this guide are answers to some the most burning questions we hear again and again from marketers:

– How should we respond to the fast-paced evolution of the display landscape and what we can expect in the near future?
– What exactly are all these technologies, platforms and tactics – such as RTB, DSP, SSPs, Ad Exchanges, Data Exchanges – and how should I be using these tools? Am I missing anything in my toolbox?
– What are the best practices in relation to data and audience targeting?
– We know how display works for direct response objectives, but how can it work for branding?

A number of individuals graciously lent their time and talents to the production of Mapping the Display Landscape. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their contribution. To our savvy featured columnists: Sean Downey,Oren Netzer, Brian O’Kelley, Colin O’Malley, Tom Phillips and Chris Scoggins – we appreciate all of you sharing your keen insights and expertise. To our “what’s next” fortune-tellers: David Cohen, Jeff Huter, Scott Portugal, Phillip Smolin and Michael Stephanblome – we are excited for the day when we can say you predicted the future here first.

Last but not least, an advanced thanks to the readers of this Display Guide who are encouraged to comment, share, critique, tweet, scan, blog or generally discuss the contents herein. We are welcome you to reach out and share your thoughts directly with us anytime at or on Twitter @netmining.

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