Nielsen: Australian Online Landscape Review – August 2012

Posted by IAB Australia On October 08, 2012 Audience Measurement and Industry Ratings, Research & Resources

In this release, Nielsen present the latest unique audience trends; including market statistics, gender demographics, top performing major categories, brands and sectors. The overall unique audience numbers finished 1.7% ahead of July, with 42 billion page views and 29 billion minutes spent online.

The escalating use of mobile usage continued in August with Mobile Page views increasing to almost 300 million, an increase of 8% from July 2012 and 189% since Sep 2011.

Nielsen spotlight the important Gen Y market segment of Australians 18 – 34 years of age, a 15 year group who in August represented nearly five million online consumers in August. Considered one of the most tech savvy market segments in Australia, Generation Y makes up 31% of our online population and they spend an average 86 hours online a month.

An interesting behavioural divide emerges when examining two distinct age segments of the Gen Y generation with the younger demographic, online 18-24 year olds, having much lower online engagement compared to their older cohorts across average page views, average sessions and time spent.

Nielsen also ‘Snapshot’ the fast moving Multi-Category Commerce category, which is made up of the majority of online shopping sites. Covering Auction, Coupon, Mass Merchandiser and Shopping Directory sites which attract over 11 million Australians who spent an average two and a half hours on category sites and nearly 300 page views in August 2012.

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