Nielsen: Australian Online Landscape Review Report – March 2012

Posted by IAB Australia On March 15, 2012 Audience Measurement and Industry Ratings, Research & Resources

Internet usage in Australia is widespread and approaching saturation point with only minimal increases in total penetration expected.

There is a need to keep pace with the fragmented and increasingly complex environment that has resulted from the rise of the internet – infiltrating consumers’ lives, habits and patterns of behaviour with the continual emergence of new online activities and services, new devices supporting online access and connectivity and, generally, presenting consumers with new ways of doing old things.

More than anything, the rise of the internet continues to present consumers with choices and this is the area that is difficult to keep pace with. Today’s consumers have choices over the screen they select to watch TV content as well as the source from which they obtain it; their method of shopping, of doing their product research and how they share their opinion about the item they just bought; and choices in the way they get to know, and interact with, brands.

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