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Posted by Christian Manie On April 11, 2018 Research & Resources

The Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK) is designed to facilitate third-party viewability and verification measurement for ads served to mobile app environments without requiring multiple ad verification service providers’ (Measurement Providers) Software Development Kit (SDK).

The development of one SDK enabling third-party ad measurement and verification is an industry wide effort and will be used by Integration Partners (app publishers and ad SDK developers) as well as Measurement Providers. We encourage the adoption, integration, and use of the OM SDK by everyone for easy ad verification and viewability measurement purpose.



The OM SDK consists of two components and is designed to work with the third-party measurement provider javascript tag able to collect the signals from the Open Measurement Interface Definition (OMID) Application Program Interface (API) :

  • OM SDK Native Libraries: These are native platform specific libraries e.g. iOS, Android. The native libraries are responsible for collecting and publishing the signals to measure viewability and determine other data about the ad rendering and display to support viewable impression definition as defined by MRC
  • OM SDK JS: These are Javascript libraries implementing OMID API and describe how a Measurement Provider can build an adapter to listen to the signals provided by the OM SDK. The OMID API is intended to be the universal API across multiple platforms- iOS, Android, Web browser and others in the future


On April 10, 2018, the Open Measurement Working Group (OMWG) released the first version of OM SDK for General Availability.

The scope of viewability for this Version 1 release includes:

  1. Impression – begin to render per the Media Rating Council (MRC) definition
  2. Viewability – container and ad geometry as per the MRC definition of percentage of pixels in screen
  3. Video playback events (such as: play, pause, quartile, completion, etc.), player, and device audio

OM SDK enables viewability measurement for the following ad types:

  1. Display (webview based HTML5 ads- banners and interstitials/ full screen)
  2. Native ads (native layer rendered image and text ads)
  3. Native Video (native player video ads)
  4. HTML5 Video in webviews



  • App publishers and Ads SDK providers can learn more on how to download, integrate and test the OM SDK here.
  • Full OMID API specification is available here.
  • View the developer integration guides for iOS and Android.

The IAB Tech Lab is also offering a compliance service to validate the successful integration of the OM SDK. This will ensure your implementation will work with all Measurement Provider tags. The compliance guidance is available here.

Learn more about the Open Measurement Working Group


Christian Manie