Oxfam Unwrapped 2010 | 2011 IAB Awards Winner

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2011 IAB Awards | Not for Profit / Public Service Winner

Oxfam Unwrapped 2010
Agency: Initiative Melbourne
Client: Oxfam

The not for profit sector is traditionally incredibly competitive in the run in to Christmas with 30% of the total annual category expenditure spent in Q3. With Oxfam representing less that 1% of that spend, the challenge was to make the organisation stand out from the crowd. The modest budget ($250,000) was the same year-on-year however the goal was to exceed 2009 donations by 5%.

Expectations were exceeded with an overall increase in donations of 8% increase year on year, 60% increase vs. goal. Overall donations for the period totalled $1,825,465.67, from 151,000 visits and 63,813 transactions! The activity generated an average order value of $28.61 and a conversion rate of 41.99% also 138% higher than previous campaign activity.

Judges’ Comments
“A well-articulated brief and clever execution. It turns the performance route on its head, going down a highly customised branded route.”


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