Rent | 2012 IAB Awards

Posted by IAB Australia On July 19, 2012 Research & Resources


2012 IAB Awards | Direct Response & Lead Generation Winner
Agency: 303LOWE
Client: IKEA

The catalogue is the cornerstone of IKEA’s marketing program and is an important sales tool. It is essential that people not only receive the catalogue, but keep it and become inspired by it.
In one of the toughest retail markets where consumers were less confident about spending, encouraging them to keep the catalogue and visit the IKEA store was a real challenge.

303LOWE created ‘The Rent campaign’, the first catalogue that “pays to be in your home”. Through online, social and offline media channels, customers were told that if they gave the catalogue a home, they would get paid for it. All they had to do was register their catalogue online (via web, Facebook or mobile) or in-store. Once registered, they were sent monthly rent cheques redeemable in store, making the catalogue an important part of their homes every month.

On the fourth day of its launch, the website received its highest traffic ever with over 9,000 sign-ups to receive monthly rent cheques and in the first week alone, sales increased by 59%. An overall outlook shows a 12% increase in catalogue recall, up 20% from the previous year and a 10% increase in sales year on year.


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