Reverse Robberies

Posted by IAB Australia On November 14, 2012 Research & Resources


October – November 2012 winner: Reverse Robberies
Client: OAK Milk
Creative Agency: The Monkeys
Industry: FMCG

Campaign Information
OAK was disappearing from convenience store fridges and the OAK Facebook wall was littered with fans complaining. So, The Monkeys came up with Reverse Robbers.

Reverse Robbers were sent in to forcibly stock the fridges of OAK-less convenience stores. After launching the first Reverse Robbery and Manifesto video, fans were asked to join the fight by nominating their local store for a Reverse Robbery on Facebook.

As a result of this campaign, there was a 50% increase in Facebook fans, over 3,000 requests for a Reverse Robbery and 60 new stores now stock OAK.

Judge’s Comment
It’s a new idea, interesting and actually had real results, not just more likes. They now sell more of the product – that’s the idea.



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