Samboy is Back | 2009 IAB Awards Winner

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2009 IAB Awards | Social Media Marketing Winner

Samboy is Back
Agency: Pusher
Client: Snack Brands Australia

Campaign and Results
Samboy chips had been missing from the Australian market for over ten years when the portfolio was bought by Australian owned Snack Brands and the company decided to re-launch the original flavours. Pusher was commissioned to create a social media marketing campaign focusing on Facebook. Tapping into already existing groups calling for Samboy chips to return, Pusher quickly won friends by providing the thought leaders of these groups with boxes of their much requested ‘Atomic Tomato’ flavoured chips, thereby encouraging further brand engagement. The campaign subsequently challenged consumers to start ‘Samboy is back’ Facebook groups, which resulted in more than 250,000 Gen Y customers joining groups and vying for a prize of $10,000 and Samboy chips for the largest group.

As the campaign progressed, Samboy’s Fan Page was updated to include a Google maps ‘chip locater’ enabling users to share locations of stores that currently had stock when demand for the chips outstripped supply. The fan Page was such a hit that it grew from 0 to 27,000 fans. The final campaign component was a UGC short film ‘Flavour Hit Film Festival’ competition inviting Samboy fanatics to create films and submit them onto Samboy’s YouTube channel. By May 2009, there had been 330,440 views of ‘Samboy is Back’ Flavour Hit Films on YouTube.


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