The World’s Most Dangerous Product Demo

Posted by IAB Australia On January 15, 2013 Research & Resources


December 2012 – January 2013 winner: The World’s Most Dangerous Product Demo
Client: Vanish Napisan
Creative Agency: Holler
Campaign type: Viral
Industry: FMCG

Campaign Information
Vanish Napisan wanted a product demonstration with a new twist, so Holler created The World’s Most Dangerous Product Demo, which injected adrenaline into stain-removal by staging a dive from eight metres into 30 centimetres of tomato sauce.

The dive was filmed and shared across Facebook, resulting in people suggesting other ways to test Vanish Napisan. As a result, beetroot was fired out of an air-cannon at a cricketer, and a family rolled down a hill in a Zorb ball filled with chocolate ice cream.

The campaign reached more than 3 million people, over half a million people viewed the videos and there was a 317% increase in Facebook fans.

Judge’s Comment
It’s hard to beat a good old fashioned product demo. Really fun and simple idea with the brand at its core.



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