TNS: Mobilize – Mobile Strategies for Business Growth

Posted by IAB Australia On May 30, 2012 Research & Resources

In this e-book, TNS are delighted to be able to share with you the highlights from the TNS Mobilize workshop series.

The key insights from ‘TNS MobilieLife 2012’ annual investigation into the behaviours, motivations and priorities of the Australia’s mobile users, is the essential source for recommendations on activating a business and marketing strategy via mobile. ‘Joining the Dots’* is TNS’ local in-depth analysis of the mobile opportunity in Australian retail including a review of most innovative global applications. It provides a clear illustration of the opportunity for brands and retailers in Australia right now.

TNS have also included additional reading materials selected to assist you understand the mobile landscape and a comprehensive list of the most innovative new mobile applications and tools available to consumers and businesses.

*Please note: the research report ‘Joining the Dots’, is not available for public posting, rather TNS tailors the report for clients on an individual basis. For more information, contact TNS directly.

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