Visible Measures: Social Video Advertising Report Q1 2012

Posted by IAB Australia On June 04, 2012 Research & Resources

People chose to watch ads over 1.3 billion times in Q1 2012, an increase of more than 40% since Q1 2012, and more than 225% since two years ago in Q1 2010. Typically, Q1 generates big numbers because of the Super Bowl, but this year’s significant increase in views demonstrates the speed at which the social video industry is growing.

Invisible Children stole the social video spotlight with its Kony 2012 campaign, while several campaigns from big Super Bowl advertisers also nabbed top spots. Additionally, we’re excited to introduce the creative agency and creative approach categories. Wieden + Kennedy Portland led the creative agency category, and Humor took the most views in creative approaches.

In our Q1 2012 Social Video Advertising Report, we take a look at the top five most-watched campaigns, brands, creative agencies, creative approaches, and industries.

The data provided in this report is based on Visible Measures’ Share of Choice™ Q4 2011 reporting, a competitive analysis of brand performance in choice-based video advertising. Share of Choice reveals the brands consumers choose to watch most in an industry. All campaigns in this report are measured on a True Reach™ basis, which combines the performance of brand-driven and audience-driven video clips across the Web. All views in this report are user-initiated, where a real person needs to press the “play” button to watch an ad.

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