Wilderquest – Animal Discovery | 2012 IAB Awards

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2012 IAB Awards | Tablet Marketing Winner

Wilderquest – Animal Discovery
Agency: Nomad with Deepend
Client: NSW National Parks and Wildlife

Nomad’s brief was to evolve a Pac-Man styled Flash game about Bower Birds into an iPad game for the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Society. The objective centred on the requirement for children to playfully engage with the content and to be inspired to engage with nature.

Focusing on the core elements of search, collection and scoring, Nomad developed a game where children were able to interact in a real world rainforest with a 360 degree virtual environment. The children were able to look around and discover the nature around them by holding the iPad like a camera and collect animals by taking pictures, earning them points to unlock more creatures.

Panning around revealed more about the environment, including a 3D rainforest audio and hidden native animals with clues about where to find them, furthering the education process.

The whole gaming process took kids from a playful interaction to an educational experience that was a gateway to actual national parks to extend the experience, engaging children with nature.

The results far exceeded initial expectations with 11,000 downloads in the first month only. The app was featured as ‘app of the week’ in the Australian iTunes store, ultimately becoming the no. 1 position in its category with a 4.5/5 rating.
The average user returned to the app four times within the first month, with 18 minutes per session spent, equating to over an hour of interaction time per user.


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