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On June 16, 2021 one stop shop, Research & Resources

The resources below provide media and marketing professionals in Australia with education, information and advice on the streaming audio and podcasting market in Australia.

Audio Advertising State of the Nation – Streaming digital audio and podcast advertising has continued to rise, with 69% of media agencies now reporting streaming digital audio advertising is a regular part of their activity and 36% report that podcast advertising is a regular part of their activity.  Each year the IAB surveys agencies and advertisers in our State of the Nation research on the investment plans, ad assessment and thoughts about this sector.

Audio as Part of Your Media Mix – Analytic Partners report presented at the IAB Audio Summit in 2021 outlines the role that streaming audio, radio and podcasting plays in a broader media investment plan, ROI analysis, format and messaging tips.

Audio Advertising Buyers Guide – this guide walks through planning, buying, delivering measuring and assessing audio advertising activity. We also have a training deck or recorded webinar available.

Audio Creative Best Practice Showcase –IAB Australia’s Audio Council along with audio creative agency Eardrum released an Audio Creative Best Practice Showcase for marketers and advertisers, partnering with insurance brand Choosi, to bring their recommendations to life. A brand’s audio identity should be designed to be as meaningful and coherent as its visual identity and marketers need to be aware that there is no one-size-fits all approach to audio. At the 2021 Audio Summit SCA, Spotify and Acast provided great local case studies to inspire marketers to make the most of audio advertising.  

Podcast Measurement – The IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines 2.1 released in March 2021 are the result of IAB Tech Lab’s Podcast Technical Working Group’s efforts to provide clarity in the marketplace by developing a common language around measurement.

Smart Speakers & Device Usage (IAB member only content) – this report covers Australian’s ownership and usage of a variety of digital devices including smart speakers with a breakdown of the age groups using these devices.