Russell Easther – Australia’s First Professional to Pass the Digital Media Sales Certification

Posted by IAB Australia On June 02, 2014

We had a chat with digitalbrief’s Russell Easther – the first Australian professional to pass the Digital Media Sales Certification (DMSC). Congratulations from all of us at IAB Australia. To learn more about IAB Certifications, click here.


Why did you feel it was important to get certified?

I think it’s important for professionals to be recognised with qualification and certifications. Although it’s a new certification in the Australian marketplace, I feel it will be valuable in the long term.

Most people with 2 or more years’ experience can take the exam without additional training with the help of the self-study materials – how did you prepare for the exam?

I actually did very minimal preparation for the exam. There were a couple of questions that were quite tricky but broadly this exam is can be passed with relevant digital experience and a review of the study materials. I did find taking the practice exam really helpful.

Everyone who takes the exam has to sign a confidentiality agreement so you obviously can’t discuss the exact questions but how would you describe the exam content?

90-95% of the exam was reasonably straight forward. All were multiple choice questions of varying difficulties. I was tested across sales process, optimisation recommendations, choice of technology and targeting options across display, video, mobile and paid search. About 5% of the questions required a calculator to find the answer. 

Did you feel the content reflected the realities of your duties and responsibilities and were a fair representation of what a seasoned professional in your field should know?

For the most part, absolutely.

How are you planning on using your new Certification (for example, include in your LinkedIn profile, CV, mention in client meetings etc.)?

As a digital marketing corporate trainer and consultant, it’s important for my clients to know that I have this certification.

Would you recommend the Certification to others?

Although the benefits of having the qualification are yet to be seen, the process was worth going through. Being tested in your field of expertise for a minimal investment and gaining international certification should reap benefits for most in the industry. I can see how this will be very useful for media sales people eager to prove they ‘have the goods’ in digital media. I hope this certification sets the bar within the Australian digital media sales industry.


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