Sophie Madden, MFA CEO, discusses the IAB-MFA Agency Advisory Group

Posted by IAB Australia On August 14, 2014

Sophie Madden, MFA CEO, shares her thoughts on the role of digital media, her passion for the industry, and why the MFA and IAB joined forces to create the IAB-MFA Agency Advisory Group [IMAAG].


 The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia (IAB) and the Media Federation of Australia (MFA) announced today that they have joined forces to launch the IAB-MFA Agency Advisory Group (IMAAG). The Group, which will be chaired by Group M’s Chief Investment and Intelligence Officer Danny Bass, has a core mission to build a bridge between the interactive publishing community and advertising agencies, as well as addressing key industry wide matters.

IMAAG, which is a merger of IAB’s Agency Advisory Board and the MFA’s Interactive Committee, will facilitate dialogue between agencies, publishers, marketers and measurement vendors. Measurement will be a priority for the IMAAG and the Group will also work closely with the IAB Brand Safety council on issues including online traffic fraud.

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