The EU Digital Services Act (DSA) – An Explainer

Posted by Jonas Jaanimagi On December 14, 2023 ad tech matters, iab tech lab, industry standards, Privacy, transparency

Whilst the DSA (Digital Services Act) is an EU regulation, we expect Australian regulators and industry will keep a close eye on how the related requirements are adopted, managed and enforced. As many of the businesses impacted are large omnipresent entities with globally consistent approaches, one would also expect that the knock-on effect of these stricter privacy and transparency regulations to ultimately have an impact on how all buyers, publishers and ad tech intermediaries conduct business moving forwards.

Hence we felt it useful to our members to explain what the DSA is, why it’s potentially so significant for digital advertising businesses throughout the ecosystem and what both the IAB Tech Lab and IAB Europe are proposing as guidance to support industry to meet the requirements.

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Jonas Jaanimagi