What is holding back the future of Automation?

Posted by IAB Australia On March 29, 2018

Programmatic advertising enables greater marketing performance, transparency and ROI for marketing budgets. However, despite the huge opportunity that programmatic promises, there is a significant knowledge gap and, in some cases, misunderstanding surrounding the topic.

We took a moment at Programmatic Summit 2018 to ask some industry experts what they think is holding back the future of automation and how the industry can overcome these hurdles. The conversation on building trust in automation comes back to three main themes, including:

  1. ​​People – the right people with the right mindset, it’s time to evolve the cultures and fears associated with automation
  2. Understanding – from metrics to platforms, the correct training and understanding is required
  3. Transparency – knowing where the inventory comes from and how it operates

Featured are:

  • ​Andy Tu – APAC MD, Eyeota
  • June Cheung – VP AUNZ, Grapeshot
  • Matthew Joyce – Country Manager ANZ, DataXu
  • Milan Markovic – Commercial Director, Publicis Media
  • Nick Barnett – Digital Performance & Programmatic, Westpac
  • Judith Engel – Senior Director, Product Management, APAC, PubMatic

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