Article Watch – 9 ‘Must Reads’ for October

Posted by IAB Australia On October 19, 2013

Each month, Denise Shrivell presents us with, Article Watch. She will link you straight to interesting and relevant content and opinions which she’s seen from both local and overseas sources – as well as insights and guides unique to MediaScope.


  1. We did our Best, But Were Powerless to Reinvent Journalism – It was a Digital Riptide (via PaidContent) – 60 senior media & technology players share their views on the massive disruption of our industry over the past three decades.  Fascinating.

  2.  New Google Phone Whispers Ads Into User’s Ears(via TheOnion) – if you’ve ever worried about the power and persuasion in our lives of uber sites-like Google then this parody video will confirm all of your fears.

  3.  Digital People Profiles (via MediaScope) – over the past 3 years over 100 of the most experienced and well known people in Australian digital media have been asked a series of questions through industry trade site – Digital Ministry

  4. 5 Things Publishers Should Know About Private Ad Exchanges (via Advertising Age) – private ad exchanges are the rage, a way for publishers to participate in the real-time, auction-based online ad market without doing business with third party ad networks. As News Corp. CEO Robert Thomson said when News Corp. launched one a few weeks back, “Third parties are no longer invited to the party.”

  5. Do you want a digital agency or a technology partner? (via TrinityP3) – Following a presentation at the AIMIA V21 Digital Summit in Melbourne last November, there was an opportunity to reflect on the distinctions noted between the need for a digital agency and a technology partner. This post followed on from sharing the original presentation on Slideshare.

  6. What journalists need to know about responsive design: tips, takeaways & best practices (via – Phones and tablets have created new ways for audiences to reach our work, but they’ve also made it much harder to design a website that works for all readers. A site that looks great on a laptop might be illegible on a phone, while a sleek design on a tablet might look simplistic on a desktop monitor.

  7. How we use Facebook to grow traffic on Lost At E Minor (via Conversant Media) – Over the past two years, Lost At E Minor’s Facebook Wall has attracted one of the largest followings for an Australian-based publication. By way of a comparison, where Lost At E Minor currently has 40,000 Likes, the erstwhile Sydney Morning Herald only has 36,300. Not bad for a small business, with a very small team.

  8. Can the Coalition’s NBN keep pace with change? (via Emma Alberici – ABC) – In the early 90s, we couldn’t grasp the revolutionary potential of the World Wide Web. Two decades later, the Coalition is brushing off the need for faster download speeds.

  9. Facial recognition: is it nearly here? (via WallBlog) -This year we have already seen some exciting technologies announced through shows such as SXSW.  Some of those innovations have been discussed a lot recently, such as Google Glass, smart fridges connected to the internet and the whole issue of the ‘internet of things’. But a couple of months is a long time in the technology; so what’s new?


Article Watch is provided by Denise Shrivell at Mediascope

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