Advertising Effectiveness Fundamentals Training Program

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Presented by the IAB Australia Advertising Effectiveness Council

Today it’s more important than ever to be able to back up your marketing strategy with data and evidence, however the techniques used to measure digital activities are changing.  Measuring advertising effectiveness helps you understand the impact of your campaign, allowing you to determine what is and isn’t working and optimise the effectiveness of future campaigns.  The quality of your measurement is vital in ensuring your stakeholders act on your recommendations and have confidence in the value of marketing to continue to invest.  Soon our measurement toolkits will need to be adjusted for increased consumer privacy expectations and in response to the retirement of third-party cookies. This training program has been designed to provide you with an understanding of the fundamentals of advertising measurement and guide your preparation for sustainable and successful measurement into the future.

Prepared and presented by the IAB Advertising Effectiveness Council, representing 25 companies across the media industry, you are in the hands of experienced professionals who live and breathe the challenges and rewards of advertising measurement every day.

The training is suitable for marketers, advertising managers, researchers, media planners and ad sales executives across the industry. It will help upskill anyone responsible for understanding the success of advertising campaigns. The training program will provide you with the steps to prepare for conducting successful ad effectiveness measurement and an understanding of the commonly used methodologies (such as experimental design, Market Mix Modelling and attribution) when to use them, benefits, limitations and how to prepare to adjust these techniques for a cookieless future. The program also provides an overview of more emerging techniques for evaluating advertising (such as attention measurement and neuroscience).

The training program contains two and a half hours of core e-learning video modules, and each module provides links to additional supplementary reports and case study videos to extend your knowledge. At the end there is a multi-choice quiz designed to assess your understanding of the key learning areas and qualify you for a certificate.  This online training is provided in a flexible format that will allow you to complete each section in your own time from beginning to end, or if there are one or two techniques you particularly need help with, you can just watch the videos that are relevant to your needs.

Course outline:

  • Introduction
  • The principles of advertising effectiveness
  • Preparing for measurement success
  • The fundamentals of experimental design
  • The fundamentals of Market Mix Modelling
  • The fundamentals of attribution measurement
  • Overview of emerging techniques used for assessing digital ads


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