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Unique in the advertising industry, the micro credentials provide a quick, flexible way to learn new skills, or upskill.

These micro credentials, developed in partnership with Deakin University, are designed to enhance your skills in programmatic and digital advertising operations. 

Each course offers:

- flexible online study

- complete at your pace - up to 26 weeks to complete

- industry professional support and networking

industry-relevant assessment

- up to 75 hours of study (including assessment) 


Provides you with networking opportunities, guidance from industry experts, and credit towards future post-graduate study at Deakin University.

IAB members: $999 (including GST) - c
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Non-IAB members: $1,375 (including GST).

Non-member registration and enrolment is via the FutureLearn website:

Programmatic advertising and trading

Digital advertising operations

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You can improve your career prospects in the digital advertising industry.

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  • Programmatic Advertising & Trading

  • Digital Advertising Operations

Take your programmatic advertising skills to the next level.

Our immersive microcredential course is tailored specifically for digital marketing, advertising, and advertising trading professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve and excel in this fast-paced industry.

With a focus on real-world applications, our course will teach you how to evaluate the programmatic ecosystem, leverage data and analytics for digital media strategy and campaign optimisation, and activate the right solutions using the appropriate DSP. Plus, with our effective measurement techniques and client brief response exercises, you'll gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in a digital advertising planning or trading role. 

Who is this microcredential for?
This microcredential is for digital marketing, advertising and media professionals who are involved in or looking to transition to programmatic advertising and trading.

Week 1: Programmatic and the ecosystem
Our course starts with an introduction to programmatic, covering the basics and providing a strong foundation for advanced learning. We then move on to explore the programmatic ecosystem, giving you an insider's look at the key players and how they fit together. Finally, we delve into the crucial question of why buy programmatically, giving you the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions.

Week 2: Auctions and data
In Week 2, we overview programmatic auction types and the different data types used in digital advertising. We'll also explore key topics like viewability, pixels, and tags and how they impact the success of your campaigns. Plus, we'll delve into the role of cookies in the future and provide you with the skills needed for effective data management.

Week 3: Selecting effective measurements
Week 3, we continue to look at the essentials, including programmatic and measurement, providing you with a strong foundation for success. We'll teach you how to approach measurement in programmatic advertising, exploring the different methods and techniques used to measure campaign effectiveness. Plus, with our focus on real-world applications, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to apply these measurement techniques in your campaigns and achieve optimal results.

Week 4: Identifying and reaching the audience
In Week 4, we take it up a notch and cover horizontal vs vertical advertising and the importance of diversifying your plan. We'll teach you about audience segmentation and targeting, giving you the knowledge and skills to reach your desired audience and optimise your campaigns. Plus, we'll explore the role of audience data vendors in programmatic advertising, providing you with the insider knowledge needed to succeed in this competitive field.

Week 5: Campaigns and media
In our final content week, Week 5, we will start with an overview of the marketing funnel and how it applies to digital media. We'll explore the different types of digital media, including display, video, CTV, audio, and DOOH, search, native, and social media advertising, providing you with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in these important areas. We will teach you the skills needed to leverage each digital media for maximum impact.

Week 6: Assessment, summary and next steps
Our comprehensive course concludes with guidance on assessment preparation, giving you the tools and strategies needed to ace your practical assessment and unlock your full potential. 
Whether you're a seasoned student or new to the world of academia, our approachable and practical approach to assessment preparation, including one-on-one guidance session, will give you the confidence and skills needed to succeed.

Your assessment task is provided within the course. Learners have a choice of either completing the task based on a client brief from their workplace, or to complete the brief provided in the course.

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IAB members: $999 (including GST) - click to register, enrol, and pay

Non-IAB members: $1,375 (including GST).
Non-member registration and enrolment is via FutureLearn website:

(Payment methods include: Credit or Debit card, PayPal and Google Pay)

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