Affiliate and Partnership Marketing Training

IAB Training

Presented by the IAB Australia Affiliate and Partnership Marketing Working Group

More and more brands are launching affiliate or partnership marketing programs as they continue to see strong returns on investment, an ever-evolving landscape of opportunities, and a creative and diverse ecosystem that touches on many points in the customer’s journey. The purpose of this training is to provide a thorough exploration of the affiliate landscape and will serve as a useful resource to both those who are new to this form of digital marketing, as well as anyone currently involved in it. 

The training will cover the basics of this channel, including an overview of the market, the key players involved, the types of affiliates you can work with, as well as best practices. There is also useful information on technology and tracking, best use of data, and how these relate to the latest privacy regulations. The training has been put together by the IAB Australia Affiliate & Partnership Marketing Working Group, represented by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced minds in the industry, and whose purpose is to educate, set standards, and provide best practices. 

Course outline:

  1. What is Affiliate and Partnership Marketing
  2. Strategy and Best Practice
  3. Working with Affiliate Partners
  4. Choosing the Right Affiliate
  5. Technology and Tracking
  6. Data, Privacy and Regulation

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