Australian Digital Advertising Practices Training

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The Australian Digital Advertising Practices Proof of Knowledge program is recommended for any media or marketing professional in Australia who needs to understand key practices involved in buying and selling digital advertising. To encourage wide adoption and knowledge of the important industry practices this Proof of Knowledge program is being made available free of charge.

The Australian Digital Advertising Practices (ADAPs) were initially introduced in 2018 (and updated in 2020) as a starting point for advertisers, agencies, ad tech vendors and digital publishers to resolve how they will operate together.

Endorsed by the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA), Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Australia) and Media Federation of Australia (MFA), the Practices are industry approved Practices created specifically for advertisers by a cross-industry team of advertisers, media agencies and digital publishers and subject matter experts to:

– Educate: providing a common understanding of the digital advertising ecosystem

– Encourage shared responsibility: ensuring advertisers, agencies, publishers and digital platform have shared insights and responsibilities for digital spends and outcomes

– Enable trust and confidence: building confidence and trust in digital advertising

This Proof of Knowledge program is an important industry initiative to ensure that people working have a solid understanding of 5 key industry topics:

  1. Digital Value Chain
  2. Viewability
  3. Ad Fraud and Brand Safety
  4. Data Governance
  5. Consumer Privacy

While the Australian Digital Advertising Practices have primarily been developed for advertisers, given the rapid pace of change within the digital advertising market we strongly encourage all players within the digital ecosystem to familiarise themselves with the content to better inform base line conversations they may have with current and future advertisers.

The Proof of Knowledge may take between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on pre-existing knowledge.

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