IAB Australia Data & Privacy Summit

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Tuesday, 14 June 2022
NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre, 37 Reservoir St, Surry Hills

In this event we looked closely at all the latest products, themes and trends related to 1st party data in terms of both the opportunities and the responsibilities across the advertising industry. Check out the content, slides from the event can also be accessed below. 

Full content:

Best Practices Case Study:

Privacy Recommendations:

Opening Session
: Preview of the launch of the IAB Australia Data Council’s 1PD (1st party data) Handbook and also some key best practices and recommendations in relation to its collection, management and usage. This session includes an explainer of Data Clean Rooms, practical take-aways for Marketers and an introduction to the IAB’s recently released Global Privacy Platform (GPP).

Best Practices: How 1PD ID solutions can enable deeper and more compliant CDP activation.

Privacy Recommendations: Looking ahead to the next round of privacy reforms & future-proofing compliance strategies.

Industry Panel Session: Opportunities and challenges in the responsible usage of 1PD.

  • June Cheung, Regional Director JAPAC – Oracle Advertising
  • Greg Cattelain, Head of Biddable Media – Spark Foundry
  • Sarah Waladan, Director of Policy & Reg Affairs – IAB Australia
  • Richard O’Sullivan, GM Australia & New Zealand – InMobi
  • Moritz von Sanden, National Sales Director – Audience360
  • Jonas Jaanimagi, Technology Lead – IAB Australia (moderator)