IAB Digital AdOps Conference – Sydney 2022

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Thursday, 7 April 2022
11.30am - 6pm
NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre, 37 Reservoir St, Surry Hills

The Sydney Digital Ad Ops was held on April 7 and attended by hundreds of industry professionals in adops, programmatic and ad tech roles. The event covered topics from both a local and global perspective affecting the online advertising industry specifically from the Ad-Ops, Ad-Tech, TechOps, and Programmatic perspectives. Key topics include:

  • Programmatic Transparency including an update from the ACCC
  • Identity in 2022
  • Making the most of Gaming Advertising
  • Spotlight on Talent and the pressure on local businesses
  • Nurturing CTV growth
  • Protecting Media Investments from Ad Fraud

Presentations from the event can be downloaded below and video content can be streamed here