Tech & Product Trends in Connected TV

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Thursday, 19 August 2021
11am - 12pm

In this webinar we reviewed some of the updates from our Video Council’s recently published CTV technical annex paper and heard directly from IAB Tech Lab on some of the most recent and forthcoming standards and best practices.

Look out for updated data on CTV consumption and revenue trends, key technical considerations, the benefits of buying CTV programmatically and top technical tips for buyers planning CTV campaigns.


Amit Shetty, VP, Programmatic Products and Partnerships, IAB Tech Lab

Flaminia Sapori, National Head of Partnerships and Strategic Investment, Matterkind

James Young, Managing Director – Australia, Magnite

Katherine Sroka, Director of Advertising and Data Products – Melbourne, Nine

Mark Serhan, Senior Account Director, Xandr

Jonas Jaanimagi, Technology Lead, IAB Australia

Jenn Thomas, Head of Marketing and Memberships, IAB Australia