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Posted by Lucy Halliday On April 10, 2012

February 10, 2012 – Adstream today announced its digital portfolio for 2012 and introduced the latest innovations as part of its consolidation in the digital advertising environment.

Adstream’s digital portfolio addresses and responds to some of the challenges experienced by the digital advertising industry and streamlines the advertising process at each stage of the value chain.

The new digital portfolio encompasses extending its central database of publisher specifications with workflow and validation tools for digital advertising and offering versioning and resizing of assets for use across multiple media including print video and online.

Adstream is also working towards enabling digital asset management of creative assets across broadcast, print and digital in a single system.

It has also introduced a new suite of products aimed at streamlining the ad serving environment for publishers, broadcasters and agencies and includes:

1. AdDigital: web-based workflow that helps publishers, creative and media agencies streamline the way their ads are created, validated, approved and delivered.

2. AdReach: leading edge, end-to-end digital advertising and marketing platform that uses the most advanced learning algorithm technology to deliver significantly improved returns for clients, agencies, media owners and developers across mobile and online display, text, video and live streaming video ads.

3. AdInfinity: vendor-agnostic advertising framework providing multi-vendor support for synchronous ad serving, site and market analytics, behavioral targeting and text advertising. The product suite offers a high performance, fully configurable solution that includes advanced ad operations and simple debugging features. It also offers ViziAds, which serves ads only when they become visible to a user. This industry-first AdInfinity product allows digital publishers to improve below the fold yields and reduce ad serving costs.

While AdDigital was launched late last year, AdReach and Adfinity are new products and Australian initiatives that will roll out globally for Adstream during 2012.

Adstream Managing Director Peter Miller said: “Audiences are consuming in many different ways across many devices. Access to and sharing of creative assets across different agencies is cumbersome and for publishers, relationships with vendors for ad serving are impeding innovation. Adstream is all about streamlining the processes in advertising and our suite of digital products does this in the digital space.”

AdInfinity was developed in Australia by Ashraf Montaser and Kartik Rao who chose to team up with Adstream to take the product to market globally.

AdInfinity CCO Ashraf Montaser said: “We chose to partner with Adstream for a number of reasons including its pedigree in streamlining advertising, its global footprint and, most importantly, its can-do approach to working with customers to achieve the best outcomes.”

Adstream is offering a 30-day free trial on its AdDigital product. To register, go to


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Adstream is the world’s leading provider of collaborative advertising technology solutions that connect brands, agencies, production companies and media owners by streamlining business process throughout the advertising cycle from briefing to delivery, enabling higher efficiency, transparency and profitability. Founded in 2001, Adstream has 26 international offices and its team serves more than 5,000 clients in 90 countries, worldwide. For more information please visit

About AdInfinity
AdInfinity is an Australian startup that specialises in building innovative products and providing crucial services for online publishers to manage and commercialise websites. Company founders Ashraf Montaser and Kartik Rao have worked for some of Australia’s largest online publishers, including News and Ninemsn, and they leverage industry experience to generate solutions that are redefining the leading edge of publisher ad technologies.

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