Darren Stein Joins IPG’s Anomaly As Managing Director

Posted by Melanie Ingrey On November 15, 2015

Anomaly has been one of IPG Mediabrands’ fastest-growing divisions in the past 12 months. Clients are increasingly benefiting from marketing insights and strategies developed from data and research sources that Anomaly uses to gather competitive analyses for brand and product developments. Currently Anomaly has about 40 executives in its Sydney and Melbourne offices

Global head of research and analytics for IPG Mediabrands, Jarrod Martin, said Stein was a valuable addition to Anomaly’s capabilities. “Darren is a rare breed of executive who can understand the most complex of behaviours, simply distill the most complicated challenges and drive highly integrated strategies, while focusing on the practicality of implementing insights and maximising ROI for clients.”

Melanie Ingrey