Global and Australian Gaming Market Trends – mobile, cloud and 5G to drive growth

Posted by IAB Australia On October 28, 2019

In January 2019, Venture Insights research and consulting partner, Altman Vilandrie & Company conducted a survey of four major countries (U.S., China, Japan and U.K.) to determine consumer preferences and trends in gaming. The findings, some of which are highlighted in this report, show an industry quickly shifting toward Mobile gaming, which has made gaming more accessible and has changed the way the industry develops and monetizes games. Still, the survey found that traditional gaming platforms (Console and PC) are resilient, and gamers are open to trying new platforms and formats.

In April 2019, Venture Insights conducted a survey in Australia to determine consumer preferences and trends in mobile gaming and how the market may evolve with the arrival of 5G. The findings that are discussed in this report show that mobile gaming users are more willing to pay a premium for 5G services and handsets as compared to regular consumers. 

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