Global Sports Deep Dive: Eyeota Whitepaper

Posted by Christian Manie On August 03, 2016

How Advertisers Are Using Audience Data To Reach Consumers During Sporting Events

Major sporting events like the Super Bowl and World Cup have massive viewerships, and brands are eager to advertise their products and services to sports fans.

While traditional media seems to be the obvious choice as an advertising platform, an increasing number of fans are turning to the Internet and portable devices to catch up with sports news. A 2014 report by PERFORM, Kantar Media Sport and SportBusiness Group indicated that for the first time, online platforms were the second most popular way to access sport, behind TV and ahead of print. Valuable TV inventory is also booked way in advance of a major sporting event, with NBC Sports revealing it surpassed US$1 billion in ad sales including national broadcast, cable and digital sales in the lead-up to the Rio Olympics.

Christian Manie