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Posted by Lucy Halliday On July 13, 2012

New York, NY, July 13, 2012 MediaMind, a division of DG (NASDAQ:DGIT), and the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions, announced today its successful technological integration with ADagoo, a web-page level, cookie-free visualisation and verification platform. MediaMind customers now benefit from better planning and buying, superior trading and versioning, and increased ROI per impression. As ADagoo is fully integrated with the MediaMind platform, users experience a seamless verification workflow that leads to improved efficiencies.

“Ad Misplacement, both in terms of location of the ad and in terms of the audience, wastes billions of dollars in precious advertising budgets every year,” said Andrew Bloom, SVP Strategic Business Development at MediaMind parent company DG. “By integrating ADagoo directly into the MediaMind platform, advertisers can seamlessly verify that impressions are reaching the right audience in the right place.”

ADagoo leverages the rapid growth of social media and together with crowd-sourcing and human-based computation, produces a cookie-free technology that powers its audience and ad verification platform. This revolutionary patent-pending technology also enables advertisers to target specific campaign audiences while keeping user privacy intact. ADagoo is already working with leading advertisers and publishers in the US and Europe.

“ADagoo has identified a gap between the trend of advertisers buying specific audiences and their ability to view, understand and verify the campaign’s reach,” said Amit Mashiah, ADagoo CEO. “ADagoo technology provides MediaMind customers an intuitive and efficient analytics dashboard that enables users to pull reports on audience and location misplacement in order to gain greater transparency and accountability. The most logical place for this type of verification to exist is within the ad server itself.”

ADagoo verification includes other important metrics found in the verification space including geographic verification, brand-safety verification and device type verification. The data is presented in an attractive graphical user interface that provides a high-level summary as well as detailed information for analysis.

A number of MediaMind customers are already using the integrated ADagoo solution, which will be available for general release in mid-July 2012.


About MediaMind
MediaMind, a division of DG (NASDAQ:DGIT), is a leading global provider of digital advertising campaign management solutions to advertising agencies and advertisers. MediaMind provides media and creative agencies, advertisers and publishers with an integrated platform to manage campaigns across digital media channels and a variety of formats, including rich media, in-stream video, display and search. The MediaMind platform runs digital campaigns for 11,000 brand advertisers, servicing over 4,200 media and creative agencies, across 11,500 global web publishers in 75 countries.

About ADagoo
ADagoo enables digital display advertisers full visualisation and verification
of their campaign reach and provides publishers a detailed understanding and better use of their content. Founded in late 2010 by a group of passionate scientists and industry veterans, ADagoo’s mission is to visualise and simplify display campaign reach. ADagoo is based in New York and Tel Aviv and operates globally.

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