Near: Real-World Insights on Tourists visiting Singapore

Posted by Christian Manie On December 01, 2019

In 2019, tourist arrivals in Singapore is expected to grow anywhere between 1% to 4% compared to 2018. Jan to April 2019, showed ~1.59 million tourists visiting the country which was ~1.6% increase in arrivals compared to the arrivals during the same period previous year. There was a standard average hotel occupancy rate of over 85%. This shows that Singapore is one of the top preferred tourist destinations in the world.

By understanding the travel purpose of tourists in Singapore, marketers can:

• Position their product and service offerings by reaching out to tourists from various countries with custom and personalised targeting options like promoting Singapore as a family destination in India, whereas promoting Singapore as a business hub in the US and Japan.

• Create, communicate and deliver sustainable values by increasing the visibility and saleability of tourism experiences in Singapore.

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Christian Manie