New Member Q&A: Captify

On February 10, 2022

Every now and then we like to highlight a new IAB Australia member that we think our community will find interesting. Today we meet Captify.

Written by Krish Raja, General Manager AU, Captify. 

Please give us some historical background to the company

We help marketers and agencies to access cookieless intent data across the open web (we operate the largest search dataset outside of Google). Marketers across Australia benefit from accessing our future-proofed insights, programmatic creative, and cookieless measurement solutions. On the other side, we help publishers to extract value from their search data without cookies and provide them with tools for audience enrichment and commercialisation.

Please tell us a little bit about your company’s mission and vision?

Our vision is to break the cuffs off search. Search has always been one of the most valuable datasets out there, with most marketers intuitively understanding the need for it. We’ve built a product that understands the intent instead of categorising cookies, and our goal is to help our industry move swiftly and seamlessly on from cookies and not look back. Our products are currently cookieless and already outperforming cookies!

Do you have a particular ‘hero product’ that you are most proud of?

Cookieless programmatic search.

What area of digital do you personally work in and how do you hope to enhance this within your business?

Programmatic – we’re a programmatic-first business and our efforts are focused on ensuring that not only do we keep our industry ticking, but we actually improve all of the things that the industry has struggled with over the last few years like the ease of trading, the scale of segments and performance of audiences.

Please tell us what, as a child, you wanted to be ‘when you grew up’?

I wanted to be a pilot! I think I grew up just when flying wasn’t that common. I was captivated by the strangeness of the experience of flying (my whole family would come to our house the night before a long-haul flight with gifts, and come to the airport just to see us off, and I’d wake up at 3am which was highly unusual!). I imagine post covid we might have gotten un-used to flying again so there might be some more aspiring pilots in the future based on my experience.