New Member Q&A: Crimtan

On March 30, 2022

Every now and then we like to highlight a new IAB Australia member that we think our community will find interesting. Today we meet Crimtan.

Written by Joshua Wilson, Commercial Director JAPAC, Crimtan. 

Please give us some historical background to the company:

Back in 2009, our founders, Paul Goad and Yuri Staroeselskiy, were both frustrated by an industry that they saw was inefficient with different platforms operating in silos. That’s how Crimtan was born. Paul was one of the founding employees of Doubleclick, and Yuri was working for Red Aril (now known as iCrossing) at the time. As with the entire industry, Crimtan has evolved a lot since our launch. We started out as a DMP, then we built our own proprietary DSP. We then acquired a Dynamic Creative Platform in 2013, and integrated that into our ad stack. We are founding partners of the IAB and we’re the first to integrate IAS brand safety across all of our campaigns. When GDPR came into effect in 2018, we were hard at work developing a consent management platform called consenTag. The consentag framework allowed us then to develop our cookie-less targeting and attribution solution, ActiveID.

Tell us a little bit about your company's mission and vision?

Crimtan’s vision is to be the world’s most trusted marketing partner. Hence, we work together to deliver on every promise we make to every client, partner and colleague, every time. To achieve our long term vision, our mission is to ensure that as a team, we deliver exceptional outcomes through dynamic lifecycle marketing, together.

Do you have a particular 'hero product' that you are most proud of?

Our core product is our future-proof platform, ArchitectTM, which integrates data, multi-channel and dynamic creative, essentially eliminating inefficiencies stemmed from technology silos. We also have a strong commitment to transparency which is why all of our clients also have access to ArchitectTM where they are able to get full insights on all the audiences that we are targeting, the performance of the campaigns, and more. All in real time.In addition, with the development of ActiveID, we are now able to target and attribute activity across any browser, device and channel, truly delivering a full lifecycle marketing campaign.

What area of digital do you personally work in and how do you hope to enhance this within your business?

I started at Crimtan as a client services manager in 2015 working on the APAC business leveraging what I knew about the market. In 2018, I moved to Tokyo to build and open the Crimtan Japan office. I’m now the Commercial Director, JAPAC, and I oversee the operation in the region promoting Crimtan’s local and international capabilities.I hope to enrich brands and agencies with knowledge on how to best leverage the strength of programmatic advertising to maximise their customer lifecycle potential.

Please tell us what, as a child, you wanted to be 'when you grew up'?

Early on it was the cliche things: Fireman, footy player, ninja, pokemon master but that all changed when I bought my first CD, Frogstomp by Silverchair. From that moment, I became obsessed with hard rock, punk and metal. I dyed my hair black and began yelling into hairbrushes and deodorant cans pretending to be a lead singer of a metal band. Which eventually happened (without the black hair though).